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Publishing Policies

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Open Access Policy 

The Health and Diversity Journal offers free open access to its content, according to its principles of providing public scientific knowledge free-of-charge, aiming global distribution of knowledge. All articles published by Health and Diversity are made immediately available worldwide, which means that: everyone has free and unlimited access to the full text of all articles published; everyone is free to re-use the published material if proper accreditation/citation of the original publication is given.


Copyright and Licensing

For articles published in Health and Diversity copyright is retained by the authors. Articles are licensed under an open access publication under Criative Commons license 4.0 (CC-BY), meaning that anyone may download and read the paper at no cost. Moreover, the article may be reused and quoted provided that the original published version is cited. These conditions allow for maximum use and exposure of the study, while ensuring that the authors receive proper credit.


Publication Condition

A manuscript submitted to this journal can only be published if it has not been published and will not be simultaneously submitted or published elsewhere. 


Peer Review Process 

The review process of Health and Diversity is single-blinded. 

The Editorial Team of the Health and Diversity Journal is comprised of two Boards (Editorial and Scientific) made up of PhDs from institutions of Brazil and abroad to ensure the quality of the publication. All submitted manuscripts are evaluated by at least two reviewers (members of the Scientific Editorial Board or External). In the event of any divergence in evaluations, the editor forwards the material to a third reviewer. The manuscripts are always forward to reviewers specialized in the same subject area or related of the text submitted. If the Scientific Board does not have members specialized in the corresponding subject area, the editor will invite external reviewers to evaluate the text on an ad hoc basis. The evaluations are analyzed by the managing editor and, when necessary, are discussed by the Editorial Board. On average, the review process takes two-three months.  



The editorial of this Journal uses eletronic tools to detect plagiarism (Plagium Premium) and automatically reject the manuscripts which plagiarism is detected. 


Submission, Review and Publication Process

1. Submissions is entirely online.  After that, the corresponding author will receive a receipt of the submitted manuscript.

2. Submitted manuscripts will be reviewed by selected referees and subsequently, the author will be informed of editorial decisions based on the referee comments.

3. If your manuscript was conditionally accepted for publication, you must return your revision with a separate sheet (REBUTTAL TO REVIEWERS), addressing all the referee's comments, and explaining how you deal with them.

4. When the final version of the manuscript is accepted, the corresponding author will be notified of acceptance and the manuscript will be forwarded to production.

5. The manuscript will be edited and the proof (in an article format) will be send to the corresponding author for corrections and approval.

6. The article will be published.

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