Governo Federal

Use of Aloe vera L. in wound healing: a literature review

Thais R. Muniz, Carolina S. Oliveira, Georgia P. S. Ferko, Sandra M. F. Buenafuente, Germana B. Dias

v.2, n.2, p.42-46


Characterization of newborn deaths in Brazil: integrative review

Cíntia F. Casimiro, Gleidilene N. da Silva, Thalia K. C. de Sousa

v.2, n.2, p.47-51


Biochemical for health students: importance and teaching alternatives

Aurenice A. D. Mercês, Jackeline C. Maciel 

v.2, n.2, p.52-56


Epidemiologic analysis of malaria cases in the triple border Brazil-Venezuela-Guyana from 2010 to 2017

Francisco C. C. da Silva, Alexander Sibajev, Maria L. M. Palma

v.2, n.2, p.57-60


Ascaris lumbricóides in infants - Case report

Samantha X. N.Quadros, Adelma A. Figueiredo

v.2, n.2, p.61-63


Nutracutical foods as coadjuvants in treating child obesity

Samantha X. N. Quadros, Natacha H. Assunção, Mariana B. B. de Melo

v.2, n.2, p.64-71


Partially Empty Sella Syndrome associated with gonadotrophic axis defciency: a case report

Tales C. H. Saade, Letícia L.G. Da Silva, Raimundo C. De Sousa

v.2, n.2, p.72-75


Systemic lupus erythematosus: literature review and update of classifcation criteria

 Caio B. Abreu, Patrick R. José, Pâmella G. G. Fontenelle, João L. S. S. Ferreira, Arthur A. N. Aboud, Ellem T. S. Weimann

v.2, n.2, p.76-85 


Main medicinal plants and phytotherapy in the treatment of stomach disorders: a bibliographic review

Daniela S. Santos, Jackeline C. Maciel, Germana B. Dias

v.2, n.2, p.86-90 


Cosmetics for the melasma treatment: study of the dispensation and production in manipulation pharmacy

Ana C. Martins, Fernanda P. Gullo-Luzente

v.2, n.2, p.91-96


The popular utilization of the brazilian medicinal plant Achyrocline satureioides (Lam.) DC. ("Marcela, Marcela")

on diseases of the digestive tract 

Priscilla de A. C. de Sousa, Germana B. Dias

v.2, n.2, p.97-102