Governo Federal

The mother standing the unexpected loss of a child – a phenomenological discussion

Maria G. B. Soares, Ewerton H. B. de Castro

v.2, n.1, p.1-6


Intestinal protozoa parasites association with anemia in people from Brazilian western Amazon communities

Bruna K. dos Anjos, Gislane N. C. Souza, Eliseu A. Sandri, Fernanda R. F. Seixas, Bruna K. Bassoli 

v.2, n.1, p.7-11


Syphilis: a serious problem of public health in state of Roraima

Luize L. Salazar, Bruna O. Araújo, Raiane D. Souza, Lígia  M. Oliveira, Aparecida D. S. Araújo

v.2, n.1, p.12-16


Physical activity within public policies to promote adolescent health

André P. Triani

v.2, n.1, p.17-20




Growth hormone and prolactin production in a patient with partial primary empty sella: a case report

Letícia L.G. Da Silva, Lucas N.L. Dos Santos, Tharles C. Ramiro, Ingrid F. Buttenbender, Bruna K. Bassoli, Camila M. Nacife

v.2, n.1, p.21-24


Pharmaceutical equivalence and bioequivalence of drugs: reviewing concepts and quality

Lara L. M. Ismael, Larissa C. Migue, Fernanda P. Gullo-Luzente, Alessandra Q. G. Pinheiro

v.2, n.1, p.25-29


Analysis of the relationship between maternal-infant indicators and apgar score in the  northern extreme of the Brazilian Amazon

Lívia B. de Andrade, Milton V. F. Dantas, Dkaion V. de Jesus, Adelma A. de Figuêiredo

v.2, n.1, p.30-35


Construction and validation of an instrument to evaluate nurses' knowledge about medications for acute myocardial infarction

Amanda K. Coser, Mirian Fioresi, Walckiria G.Romero, Bruno H. Fiorin, Andressa Bolsoni-Lopes

v.2, n.1, p.36-41


Use of aloe veraL. in wound healing: a literature review

Thais R, Muniz, Carolina S. Oliveira, Georgia P.S Ferko, Sandra M.F. Buenafuente, Germana B. Dias

v.1, n.2, p.1-5


Characterization of newborn deaths in Brazil: Integrative review

Sousa de. C. K Thalia, Silva da. N Gleidilene, Casimiro. F C

v.2, n.2, p.1-5