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Program of Hosting Foreign Students (PAEE)

Published: Friday, 05 February 2016 19:18 | Hits: 5759

The Program of Hosting Foreign Students (PAEE) is a program coordinated by the International Relations Office - (CRINT), whose main goal is to contribute to the reception and integration of foreign students who come to UFRR. It is a voluntary activity that offers a unique opportunity to experience a rich cultural exchange experience. The host program will last up to 6 months, in which the host has no financial liability with his guest, but only to assist him/her in his/her demands and questions. At the end of the host program period and filling out the evaluation Report, it will be provided a participation statement to those who fulfill their obligations as a host.

All undergraduate and graduate students regularly enrolled at UFRR, as well as UFRR faculty or staff members can take part in PAEE. The need to speak fluenttly a foreign language is not required. Interested people need to:

a) Agree with the duties provided for the host;
b) Fill out the Registration Form and send it;
c) Wait for interview schedule. For the selection of hosts, it is taken into consideration the profile of the foreign student and the UFRR student described in the Form, as well as the interview outcome, evaluated by CRINT. 

Host's responsibilities

  • Make prior contact with foreign students and learn about their arrival and other useful information;
  • Provide basic information about the UFRR Campus and the city of Boa Vista, acting as facilitator for foreign student until he/she has autonomy of movement;
  • Assist in the bureaucratic demands: deliverying of documents for university registration, opening of bank account, obtaining the National Registry of Foreigners - RNE at the Federal Police, Brazilian CPF, among others;
  • Assist in logistic demands: housing, transport, food and communication;
  • Promote integration between local and academic community;
  • Fill a Evaluation Report at the end of the host program process about his/her experience.

For further information you can contact us through the e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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