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Nucleus for Foreign Languages Studies – NUCELE was established in 2005 through the Ungergraduate Program of Arts – UFRR. It aims to spread the culture of foreign languages and provide teaching and learning to the academic and general community. For further information, visit the website:

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  • 01/02/16
  • 15h26

Celpe-Bras - Portuguese Certificate

Nucele is the center in which Celpe-Bras exam is held in Roraima. Celpe-Bras is an Exam developed by the Ministry of Education, applied twice a year, allowing the Proficiency Certificate in...

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  • 14/01/16
  • 21h57

PLE - Portuguese for Non-native Speakers

NUCELE offers the Portuguese as a Foreign Language Program-PLE which requires students from Africa, Latin America, United States, and Europe to learn the Portuguese language in the...

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  • 14/01/16
  • 21h56
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